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NCT is open to take Custom Shaped PVC Power Bank Enquiry and Order

Time: 2015-03-25    Posted by: Export Sales Department@N.C.T Ltd

Dear Partners,

Power bank has really been selling more and more in promotional industry and the market is going bigger.  With rapid sales growth in the market, there are lots of power banks available but many of them just look the same with a different logo. What do you recommend to clients who always look for something really special?  Something highly custom made and representing brand and logo in an attractive way, which helping them to build stronger brand awareness among consumers?

Pay your attention here, the custom PVC power bank will just make your clients happy.

Now we’re open to take custom PVC power bank enquiries. It is really easy to go from an idea to a practical product:

1. Make sure what design or shape you want to make the PVC power bank into.

2. Send us a reference image of the item from which you get the idea for design for a PVC power bank, for example, a wine bottle or a logo. Please send high-resolution picture as base of graphic (Generally 3D drawings).

3. Our designer will draw a digital visual (Generally 3D drawings) of the PVC power bank. Meanwhile, we will quote based on your proposal. If you’re okay with tooling charge and unit cost, we go next step.

4. Visual confirmed, tooling charges paid, we can go on with opening a mold, making a sample for check.

5. Sample confirmed, we can go on with mass production.

6. Order completed. Well done, clients are happy, we’re happy.

See the steps:

And below are most concerned points in making a PVC power bank.


There are 2 kinds of battery for making a PVC power bank.

-18650 Li-ion battery.

Optional capacity for a single pc of battery: 1200mAh, 1500mAh, 1800mAh, 2000mAh, 2200mAh, 2600mAh. Those are most regular options, you can also request for Samsung 2600mAh and 2800mAh, however unit cost is higher.

By using a 18650 Li-ion battery, the best ideas for a custom Power Bank is to use a long cylindrical or rectangular shape. As a simple example, a tube is a great shape, a basket is not. The reason is simple, the PVC shell must contain a round cylindrical Power Bank.

-Lithium Polymer.

Theoretically, you can make any capacity and shape by choosing a Lithium Polymer battery but, considering the actual sizes of PVC power bank and technology to make a PVC shell, we prefer making the PVC power bank shape as simple as possible in details to save time and cost for you. It always depends on a real case.


Cost is a critical factor clients will consider in choosing promotional products. There will be Tooling Charge and Unit Cost for making a custom PVC power bank.

Tooling Charge depends on the requested shape if it is easy or complex to mold. Unit cost depends on requested battery capacity, and if it’s branded.

Please send us detailed requirements for evaluation.


You might be worried if we set up a high MOQ, many clients who are  knocking your door will go away. Don’t be, your order can go from 100.  Surely, the price for a bigger QTY will be much better than a MOQ order.


Time is truly important, who likes something too late? So here we would like to do our efforts.

Visual Render Time: Digital Visual will be sent within 48 hours. If it’s delayed in some cases, please try to understand, it does take time making some complex drawings.

Sample Lead Time:  15-20 days after visual confirmed.

Mass production time depends on your order QTY, please send QTY for valuation.

You’re welcome to send us any question about PVC power bank. Please see a few nice cases we're following up, really cool right? Wait for nothing, contact me for all details now!

Many thanks for your attention and looking forward to your enquiry.

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